Whisper of Today 02.08.2016

sensing my presence

You make yourself a cold coffee and its froth quickly settles, sooner than later the coffee’s lukewarm if not warm..!You make a hot cup of tea and if you leave it to stand for a bit, the next sip you take can be quite cold. You are writing school exam notes and the next time you check you are officially a member of the workforce. You plan a trip and the next thing you’re doing is looking at the photo album of it trying to remember “what that lovely place was called”! You are sitting with a friend filling up university forms and at the blink of an eye you are planning wedding ceremonies and looking at prams and carry-cots. You make a baby and whilst one minute you are breastfeeding it, the next thing you know it is taking its first steps and has almost developed an identifiable character of its own!  In other words, as the song ‘dust in the wind’ rightly put it, “you close your eyes only for a moment and the moment’s gone!”; and whilst this thought may make some of you regretful or to simply reminisce, it is truly aimed at making you pause for a second only to feel that second, to take in what’s there in that moment now inside of you, around you…sensing the instant and above all sensing your presence and your ‘beingness’ whilst comprehending that this moment, this second or the minutes that shall follow it are all you truly possess and they run by faster than normally when lived mechanically and taken for granted. Keeping that awareness in your background of existence will guarantee you a healthier and calmer reality in your foreground. Embrace the moment, starting from NOW!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou



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