Whisper of today 16.05.2014

Whisper of today                 16.05.2014

Do you tell yourself a good joke & give yourself reasons to smile?

Do you smile with your heart & not just your face? Do you ever focus

inwards to sense your body and the soul that dwells therein? Do you realize

that, long as it may seem, life is short & you worry about it almost as

if you are planning & sowing the ground for a 1000 years ahead.

The different roles we enter & play daily are merely temporary roles;

Of course this shouldn’t negate how much attention we give them:

on the contrary, knowing that already suggests that ALL our responsible

attention, respect, dedication and integrity should be placed in our

performance of them, small or big roles, as you only get to be the

person you are & into those roles, just once! So surely honour them!

Give them your very best & invest your love to them, yet remind yourself that

roles are there to be lived, just like clothes are there to be worn…No one said

they must be perfected, no need to stress over them, as one day they will

cease & the only thing you’ll be left is a mild memory of what it felt like,

to be a mother, a brother, a lawyer, a surfer, a friend, a colleague…or

whatever other role you passed by..! Have fun in all you do as there’s no

one who can give you a better time or to offer you more love, than you!

Which I think is great! Don’t you? 🙂

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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