Whisper of today 14.05.2014

Whisper of today 14.05.2014


It is indeed human nature to create problems; The minute

we are out of a bad situation or when an issue is finally re-

solved, it won’t be long before we think or create the next issue

or worry to be preoccupied over…For some of us, recognition of

this “bad” human habit is yet another reason to be upset over &

angry with the world AND ourself! What we fail to do is stop

seeking so much the “why’s” in us, in others, in the world we

live in, whilst appreciating that without those moments of human

misery, discontent or turmoil, the feeling of happiness, content

and calmness would not be experienced as these would soon then

become another normal nothingness just as without dryness,

liquid would not be sensed- Embrace your human side, Love it!

Smile at the little girl or boy inside of you & promise yourself

I will take good care of you”, walking life with an attitude of

gratitude & a higher trust that things will turn out perfectly fine,

pause for a second your almost patterned thoughts of limitation &

fear; Take a deep breath & realize YOU are the force behind that breath,

you are that magic you often misconceive as “ah nothing special”, you

are Freedom….completely FREE! Feel the kindness in your heart & rest

in its warm nest in trust that you ARE all you need to be: kindness & love!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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