Whisper of today 09.04.2013

Whisper of today   09.04.2013


Have you ever wondered what it would be like not

to expect anything from anyone? Frightening thought?

Yes, particularly when the ego ‘demands back’ at the

thought of giving out as ‘it’s not fair’. Why not? Giving

out feelings of care and kindness is a gift to your own

self, as love is the only thing that when split in two, it

automatically multiplies by four! Expecting from others

also takes power away from you! You place it upon others

to provide you with emotions such as imagination, inspiration,

love, care, dignity, kindness, respect, sensitivity… almost as

if admitting that you are incapable of self-providing all of

those for yourself! Close your eyes and see how to it feels to

‘expect NOTHING’. Is it not liberating? Nothing from your

partner, nothing from your friends, nothing from your

colleagues, nothing from your relatives, nothing from your

politicians, nothing! – Feel that absence of disappointment

in others and in fact feel how there is in the thought of that,

more love and respect towards others whilst you are ‘letting

them be’ and whatever it is they do/give is ok; on top of it

when anything is received you feel more gratitude! You can

self-rely and you can be your own source and creator of all.

When all around us is gone…others, money, material stuff,

what remains is YOU! Don’t be afraid to simply count on you!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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