Whisper of today 28.03.2013

Whisper of today  28.03.2013

Think. How much intensity do you feel behind your fears?

How much strength lies behind your doubts? How often

in the day you feed your worries? How forcefully do you

hold unto your anger? How much energy do you place

behind your despair? THAT’s how strong you are! Make a

decision for yourself now. Gather all that intensity, all that

strength, force, energy and give them a new place! Transfer

them to sit behind courage, thoughts of bravery and confi-

dence, faith in a deep knowledge that ‘all will be provided

as ‘all that happens to me or around me is a direct reflection

of something I have attracted, something I need to live, to

experience, to go through and learn from’. The earth is round

-not square. The shape of our planet itself invites for constant

changes and calls for development and growth. Don’t punish

your spirit but instead allow it to fly freely and swim fearlessly

in earth’s flow, showing no resistance but only abundant

surrender to whatever comes! You ARE the Source and Key!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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