Whisper of Today..! 18.10.2010

Whisper of Today..!     18.10.2010

Even you weaknesses are signs of your strength,

signs of your perfect human imperfections…which

provide the basis for growth and the foundation

for experiences and lessons…they are little hidden

treasures which convey our compassion to others,

our insecurities, our fears, our expectations…Don’t

criticize yourself for having ‘weaknesses’ as without

them there would be no lesson, no challenge, no

human side to explore and learn from. Instead of being

a harsh judge to yourself, and eventually to others,

embrace fully all of your weaknesses…forgive yourself

for over-identifying with them, for disliking them, for

wishing they disappeared and ended…be lenient and

kind to yourself as it is okay to be exactly as YOU are!

Approach your ‘problems’ with the softness of a butterfly

and the firm power of a lion…recognizing that without

weakness there is no strength…without mistakes there is

no correct…without wrong there is no right…seeing clearly

how important these ‘weaknesses’ are and in fact showing

gratitude for their existence. Keep your head up and smile J

You are Perfect, Unique and Special….JUST as you are!

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou

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