Whisper of today 15.02.22

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder, why so much anger? Why so much resistance to our truth?

We are just as part of earth as animals are, yet we struggle so much more than them on our own motion and choice. It’s true, it mostly feels like we do it to ourselves, like a super subtle self-sabotage.

Sometimes I look around and all I see is hands crossed in front of bodies and a readiness to attack…

Sometimes I look in the mirror and see narrowed eyebrows and a tightened jaw.

Why? Where is all that coming from?

And though I may not have a clear or certain answer to any of that, I remember the words a wise man once told me:

“If you truly embrace how amazingly COMPLEX humans are, then you’re in a position to achieve SIMPLE human relationships.”

We all carry endless messages, lessons, teachings, fears, worries and concerns…almost like a history attached to our existence that we just can’t dispense or separate from. We all walk with our bodies yet are preoccupied with our shadows too. Yet if we all aim to remember that beyond all that, we’re all just passersby, we are all love at heart… then perhaps we will be able to heal and to accept…and then perhaps we will simplify our days, letting go of our anger and fear and often remembering to smile and laugh.

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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