Your Christening!

My daughter, my child…

Tomorrow is your christening..! Perhaps not very democratic of us to impose upon you a religion you didn’t choose but we do it for the tradition, for the ritual, for the blessings God (the one and same God for all religions) will hopefully cast upon you and of course for a well-deserved celebration in your name!

Tomorrow I hope angel friends of yours from heaven will also be present to sprinkle you with magical angel-fairy dust! You are so fresh from heaven they ought to still remember you! 🤗

Tomorrow I’ll pray for you extra special and cast my wishes upon you with the motherly superpowers I got! 💪🏻 My wish for you? A genuine wide smile on your face! You know…that shiny bright kind and sparkly smile you have now!? That one! That very same one with that very same spark! From now until I’m long gone and you are well into old age.

What kind of person would I aspire you to be? One that loves…one that loves nature, animals, fellow humans…that loves Love, Respect, Peace, Calmness and Kindness.

May such love then elevate and keep you to paths of pure inner joy, untainted and untouched by low criticism and small opinions of persons with impure intentions and low vibrational frequency – sounds a little gibberish now but I promise you that by the time you are old enough to read this, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

No matter what shakes around you, may you always rely upon yourself and your love for the aforesaid virtues to stand strong and unaffected on steady ground. May you be your own lifeboat on any rocking situation and gracefully emerge through any darkness or fog like the rainbow does after the thunderstorm and rain.

May you continue to be so effortlessly inspiring and carry your soothing magical charisma, that healing and comforting effect of yours which makes people feel good and relax around you, be themselves and wanting to just hold you.

Tomorrow during your sacred ritual, may divinity send you heavenly Light, enough to polish your existing strengths and virtues and enough to shed light upon some weaknesses or simply add a few more virtues to that list.

God, please assist my child to enjoy the gift of life you have generously gifted her with. Grant her with enough wisdom to not take your gift for granted, enough love to keep her heart warm kind, pure and soft and enough of your angels to guard and keep her safe and out of harm’s way.

My babygirl, for one too many reasons, you will forever be my rainbow 🌈! Shine your entire spirit’s palette tomorrow and your whole life ahead! I love you more than love itself.

Your mama. X

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