Poem of today’s sunset

Am I part of life or is life part of me? A journey amongst the many my soul will go on and see.

Where will the road take us we will never truly know, the only thing we can do is trust our soul will grow. Just surrender to the spirits, they know better what they seek…they shall meet the ones they are meant to and put life’s bits together brick by brick.

What we must do is apply wisdom, love and intellect and peace, to create and duplicate beauty and rejoice in all its bliss! Place deep faith in what is coming and smile with closed eyes at each scene, trust that magic is in our future and even everywhere in between. With intentions which are pure and a heart that’s kind and big, dive courageously in what’s headed whilst your truth you try to dig.

Go on run, go have some fun! Create, explore and embrace all that’s under our Sun!

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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