Whisper of today 10.09.19

Respecting yourself means not letting yourself be taken for granted or be wasted. It means honouring your heart’s desires…fulfilling the purpose you feel you have come here to serve, answering to your soul’s higher summoning. It means exploring mystery, not achieving mastery. Respecting yourself is acting like an adult, not a child in the form of either a scared little being or a secretly-hurt bully. It is giving yourself and others the freedom to be as they wish, whilst taking good care of you. Taking care of you means not placing you in turmoil, in anger, in sadness and despair, in competition, in stress…Taking care of you is making sure you don’t participate in any of that low-vibrational ego-based shaky grounds of existence. Respecting yourself is elevating above all this and ensuring that each moment of the day your heart feels the calm, feels the love, feels the omnipotence and omnipresence of the Divine Source it emanates from. Much like butterflies in paradise or our smiley mood at the outset of exciting vacation, our life can reflect that lightness of being, so long as we show fundamental and true respect to it and we become ourselves’ best friend.

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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