In your life ahead..!

My darling child, in your life ahead

May you act from a feeling of abundance, not from limitation,

May you respond with your kind heart, not with your sharp mind,

May you use your wit and brain to acquire knowledge and enhance your understanding, not to outsmart anyone or defy anything put out there,

May you apply wisdom in everything you choose so that your free will is well-guided and your light best shone through,

May you breathe calmly from day to night, not worry and carry around a tiring burden of fright,

May you aim to unite, not dismantle and compete, may you feel the oneness between sky and earth and all the humans from their head to their feet,

May you act, not react,

May you listen, not just talk

May you be fair and soft with yourself so you know the real beauty and value of being so on others,

May you entertain yourself with unfeigned humour, hearty laughter and sparkling joy, so you effortlessly spread smiles,

May you sometimes dare dance with your ego hand in hand, grateful for the steps it has come to teach you, yet may you mostly sway with your spirit heart-to-heart to truly grasp the grandness of your being,

May you manage to both swim in the shallow and to dive into the deep, for the truth of your essence always alive you must keep.

Your mama. 💕

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