Stop growing!!

Writing about you has for me become a way to lock in memory and mark what you do, what you say and how you RIGHT NOW make me feel! And these days more than ever I get the urge to write write write! Why?

Because today I picked you up and you felt slightly heavier than the day before, your little foot laid next to mine and didn’t look so tiny anymore…because you lately surprise me with your full sentences, clearer speech and constantly expanding vocabulary – something which grants me a taste of pride as well as of mild melancholy for all I can think of as I stare at you with humble admiration is “Stoooop growingggg!”

Well for the record your “r” is still rather unclear and “Aia” remains the way you pronounce your name; and I go against what experts say and keep on repeating it to you your childish wrong way, copying you if I may, as I’d like you to sound like a baby for a little while longer, and that can’t be a crime hey?

Of course you still exhaust me and never fail to get me a little cross, you still giggle and chuckle for no reason and give the best “nanite” hugs…you still smell like wet powdery dough in the morning and throw crazy tantrums just like that…so yes (thank goodness yes) a baby is what you surely still are!

Love and Light,

Mum x

2 responses to “Stop growing!!

  1. So beautiful expressed, will make many mommies remember their own moments of silence with their children, being amazed about this innocent baby growing into a personality, unfolding and developing… fortune we are as mothers watching and raising a new generation, receiving the love of our children……

    And yes let her for a while being Aia….. love you!


    • Thank you so much! We think we are raising humans but really they are raising us into such levels of awareness and truer existence! Parenthood can be an absolute transformative experience! And yes she can call herself Aiaaa!! Hahaa! Love you too!


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