Happy 2 my baby!

Today you turned 2!!! 2 years ago today, about an hour from now, I held you in my arms for the first time! I can barely believe it! And as I look back in the last 2 years, 2 years where I thought I was busy creating a human and reaching today your second birthday I realize that I didn’t create you, it is you who has created me…you have recreated me!

You are your own creation – you chose to be created and it is you who chose the “how” and you who shaped the “you” through your direct and indirect choices.

Perhaps my job isn’t to create you in any way after-all, perhaps my job is merely to give subtle advice whilst allowing your own creation to shape itself into what it wants…perhaps my most sacred job as your parent is to guide your light to the direction it wishes to go so it finds its brightest spot and your soul its truest joy..!

No my job isn’t simply to create a human but mostly to respectfully stand by you whilst your own creation unfolds and support you whenever you wish me to…

I’ll watch and learn and look out for your signals along the way as a humble excited teacher that has lots to share and yet lots to learn…

So yes my baby, in the last 2 years I may have been creating bits of you, yet you have most definitely been creating or recreating bits of me, taking me along the most challenging paths of myself and the most incredible, the most magnificent journeys that my heart has even seen!

Thank you my special blossom! Happy 2nd birthday 🎉 my Aria! May the melody of your being always be sang with grace!

With all the Love and all the Light of my existence,

Me, your mama 🙂

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