My Darling Child and Dear Self

My Darling Child and Dear Self,

In your life you’ll hear A LOT – so much opinion, too many conclusions, endless convictions, unyielding beliefs, numerous ideas, interesting or not so interesting views, wise or vain impressions, deep or shallow understandings, conscious or unconscious thoughts, grand or small words, some good and some terribly bad advice; all in all so many musical notes being played, with each person producing his own melody out of them, humming his own song, interpreting his own tune…

You’ll get to see a sea of judgement, as people are ever so ready to jump to conclusions and to play judge…you’ll get to hear an ocean of considerations as to what is right and what is wrong and you will inevitably find yourself often flowing amongst the human herd and their agreements or disagreements of what or how things should be done…

Not all of it is malintentional, oh not necessarily, perhaps not at all…people just work that way and simply like to tell but not being told..! They are prone to front row drama and less keen on backstage silence.

Some of it may even be cordial advice, coming with good intentions straight from the heart, but that doesn’t make it right for you to follow unless it speaks directly to your heart, unless it inspires your spirit and kindly challenges your soul to become an even truer version of yourself!

Listen to your instinct and learn to distinguish which are the words which sit well with your truth so that you are able to receive with thanks those that do and to politely return, release and relinquish those that don’t…Practice letting go of the things you hear that don’t match with your frequency, don’t correspond to your essence or relate to your colours, for that’s the only way you’ll always honour your heart and remain loyal to its true path and light; and honouring your heart is the best way, is in fact the only way, to honour others and the world you live in as only when you know how to do it for you can you truly do it for others.

Go for what your gut feeling tells you and by doing so you’ll save yourself from pointless pain, for others’ words not matching yours won’t be a thing to be upset over, as by learning to respect your own truth, you will learn to respect the truth of others and at the same time at no point will you feel a disappointment or an inner betrayal to yourself for following a truth that never really belonged to you in the first place. You’ll get to recognize that the comments of others say something about them and very little, if anything at all, about you…that the words, actions, inactions or reactions of others shed light only upon their own consciousness and potential and you are better off focusing on shedding light at your own potential and at what you have come to give out, share and learn, placing all your attention and love just there.

May you not even spend an ounce of energy beating yourself up over the opinions of others. Instead may you choose to always be the kindest, most loving, firm, honest and fair judge of yourself – You alone and no one else!

And may you always always be humble, curious and knowing but never judgmental over the understanding or misunderstanding of others, creating a loving space for others to be who they are, making a healthy channel in which to bridge all differences in opinion and ample room for transformation to take place in this cosmos.

Love and Light, forever and a day,


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