Whisper of tonight 01.12.2018

As I lay next to my baby in bed, frankly exhausted and tired, I manage to enter the small little window of gratitude found in the now than to easily drift away into the big doorway of complaints and worry found in the past and in the future and I suddenly catch myself in awe of the sacred role I perform, reflecting on the tremendous strength, patience, dedication and love put in it whilst contemplating on how I may currently be sacrificing loads of things I love or could be good at yet realizing how very rewarding this attachment parenting period will be in the long run, given I am part of the big team of those creating one of the most sacred creations of our planet: the humans of tomorrow! And whilst mental images parade in my head of the billions of tender motherly sacrifices and gestures happening in the world each day, my mind travels to many other types of people out there too: to kind nurses giving their heart and care to those in need, to nursery teachers performing day in day out with sweetness and smiles on their faces to meeting kids’ constant demands, writers whose soul’s creativity and thought-provoking words take us down roads less travelled, travelers thirsty to explore the world whose adventurous trips luckily show the rest of us glimpses of the amazing planet we are blessed to inhabit…people doing extreme sports like sky diving viewing this world from up above, underwater divers daring to explore the sea creatures of this cosmos, those ballsy and fair enough to fight for others’ rights and promote justice, artists working in their studios on an art piece they love, musicians composing and singing with great passion, entertainers making us wonder or simply laugh, farmers taking care of animals and harvesting plants, groups working on different interesting projects with incredible zest and enthusiasm, those calmly sitting down enjoying life whilst doing not much, proving in their own subtle manner that just because you are doing nothing doesn’t mean nothing is happening…grandmas giving warm tight hugs, grandpas sharing life stories, friends exchanging words of love and funny jokes…God, so many great things happening in our world! And I happily smile in peace, knowing that a lot of people on this earth are blessed to be doing their own thing, leaving behind their own special footprints, to what altogether makes up such a beautiful wonderful world!! Good night 🌙

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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