Whisper of tonight 28.08.18

On a night like this, I thank for the day I’ve had, for the people I have met and the various energies that have crossed my path during my day, clearly aware that each and every one has provided me with ample opportunity to unfold myself, to reveal myself, to explore myself, hear myself and see myself…priceless insight..!

For I understand that all in all, through others we see ourselves, our material, our abilities and perspectives. They are the canvas on which we get to see our own ink…I end any blame games my mind tries to play, I stop myself from falling in the trap of being the poor victim of situations and instead I thank dearly for my wisdom, for my understanding, my broad mind, my ready-to-embrace-than-to-judge spirit and for the choices all these lead me to make….

I thank for my forgiving heart, for my care to pause and see through the lenses of others, merely to allow and make space for opinions and views other than those of my own, so to be democratic and fair, to be kind and just…I thank for the light in my body and for the love in my heart, amplifying in this way all the aforementioned, by recognizing them in me and making them bigger and bigger and bigger.

Tonight, as on every night, I take a deep aware breath and I feel thankful for everything, starting from my ability to breathe…Tonight, as on every night, after my day’s journey I return to the Source…to my inner home, I return to me…knowing deeply that to truly feel love, to witness it, to be it and to taste it, your inner Source is the best place to be! Knowing deeply that inside my Source I won’t ever find any noise, criticism, fear or doubt; that in there, there’s never any form of rightdoing or wrongdoing but just silence and peace…

And I remind myself, grateful to be visiting my divine Source, that “just like tonight’s moon may be right on top of you, to see it you’ve got to remember to look up…and to really watch it, you gotta take a seat..!”

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

2 responses to “Whisper of tonight 28.08.18

  1. Yes Ntania mou reading it so profoundly makes one calmer and really grateful for the simple things in the everyday !


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