Whisper of today 01.05.2018

Happy people live on unity and oneness; Angry people live on separation and competition. The latter will always be the ones to compare, imitate, have a bad word to say and look for ways to disagree; the former will always have a nice word to share and will be the ones who with grace and kindness bridge, accept and refuse to fall in the trap of entering into any sort of fight! This is eventually, by and large, how happy and angry people co-exist in the world! Let’s dig inside, search for any signs of anger, identify its source and before getting overly stuck on the why and where, move on to forgiveness and ways to let it go with love, by feeling gratification for the invaluable lessons our anger has come to leave behind! It’s tiring being angry. Let it go and give yourself some quality rest!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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