Whisper of Today 23.04.2018

flowers & blue skies

The minute you realise YOU are the key, the one and only magical solution to your problems, that it all depends on an inner choice you make, the message of which is in a sacred way conveyed to the universe…which in its turn will only support your signalled choice so long as you choose from a place of respect, a place of love and clarity and perseverance, the sooner you will get rid of any fake or unwanted or ugly pictures from your life and world. What you truly want, what you essentially match with, choose with determination and firmness, from a source of kindness, grace and power can only reveal blue skies, flower blossoms and imagination-provoking fluffy clouds! Consider any areas of your life which are not as you desire or are rather chaotic or incomplete; then contemplate: how clear are you about what you want to do there? how much love and trust do you place there? Have you been planting any seeds of doubt? Did you persevere and face it with confidence or do you turn away from that field of your life and panic at the messiness or ugliness of the current picture? Don’t pray and hope for anything. Take control over it, create it; and then be truly madly deeply humble and grateful for it.

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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