Whisper of today 19.04.2018

stroll in park

A stroll in the park; How many of us take that walk mechanically? Standing behind that stroller, holding its handle and walking and pushing, all on some sort of auto-pilot, not really taking the time to enter the moment, to truly live what we are doing? It may have become or feel like a bit of a routine to you now, but sooner than later the years will fly and something that seems like a routine today will be a long-gone, cherished and missed memory…Your child will grow, you won’t be in your 30s anymore and you will reminisce with delight on the days when you were a young parent, with freshness and youth and your whole life ahead..! TODAY is the future you were busy planning inside your head years ago or even just yesterday, so rather than letting the moment slip away, aim more and more to enter the dimension of the present. It’s ok that small or big air balloons of thoughts come up, so long as you don’t hop on and fly off in each and every one of them… Remind yourself how the moment’s too precious to give it away in exchange of being lost in repetitive mind patterns, which will recur very soon, again and again, the way they have repeated yesterday and the day before and the day before that, dating back to probably months, if not years, now. Accept such thoughts appearing or even being constantly there, your most “loyal” companion, always by your side all along the journey, since you can peacefully co-exist in the present moment with them. You are both those thoughts and that observing power that silently lies underneath and beyond them anyway. You can’t exactly separate entirely from them, yet what you can do is grant yourself the gift of focus. Focus on your hands, on their grip, on your breath, on your speed, on the surrounding sounds, on the ambience, on the nature, on the company you have, on the love you share…feel it all and make it bigger and bigger by turning all your focus and attention on all of that! Witness life! – Embrace your every action, expand your every loving emotion and feel the strong bright light springing from your heart! Doing so your life will have a flow, it will feel more light and it will be more easy…it will be as we say, a real “stroll in the park”!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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