The Journey of our Heart

snow heart

What do you do with the feelings you have had throughout your life for others? Wherever life may happen to find you right now, what have you done and how do you treat today the various emotions of the heart you’ve happened to experience over the past with other fellow humans? Whether it was a love so deep, or something more superficial, whether to mind now comes a fling with yet a truly strong impact or a short relationship which brought about a really meaningful lesson, an individual that was just very interesting or who’s kindness or witty eyes you’ll never forget…a trait of theirs or words spoken you know you’ll carry with you forever…whether you were 16 or 18, 20 or 28, all the emotions sensed were true, they were important, you could even call them necessary, as they got you to be where you are today…they got you to be who you are today, they got you to be you.

And most of all, although you may have once gladly offered such emotions to others, they don’t belong to those others…no! What belongs to them is how they felt and how they perceived your feelings for them. Likewise, the feelings perceived by you and felt by your heart – they belong to your heart – they are so yours!  So feeling in any way bitter or strange or ashamed or resentful towards them or merely dismissing them or burying such feelings to the last page of the chapter called “my past” isn’t a very healthy or wise exercise as essentially that’s ignoring something of your own heart.

Instead place them in a throne of recognition, in a respectful place in your mind and tell your heart a big “well done!” each time they come to mind and your heart takes an almost forbidden embarrassed jump; understand that to have felt and given and shared all those feelings is evidence of your heart’s big size, of its many different tones and shades, its multiplicity of colours, its entire grace! Because of them you are so much richer today and for all that emotional wealth you have you to thank! Praise yourself for your courage to have loved, for your ability and willingness to put your heart out there, for making the choice to care, daring to be vulnerable or simply open to sharing and pouring your sentiments open-handedly, perhaps even reaching a fragile state and thus taking the “risk of break”!

Wow! What an act of bravery it actually is, what an amazing thing it is, to have gathered a rainbow of feelings explored over the years! Treasure each person that has entered your life, for the depth and level of intimacy or connection they have entered it for, for the opportunity they have offered your heart to unfold its many views and romanticisms, feeling deeply thankful for your soul’s ride and its beautiful journey. Smile at their remembrance and be gentle on you and on others for what has been exchanged as, irrespective of how it ended, how light and fun or painful and tough it may have been on you or the other, whatever one feels in the end becomes his inheritance and no one else’s… whatever you emotionally experience remains terribly and beautifully yours and there’s absolutely nothing on you, you shouldn’t come to terms with, you shouldn’t embrace and ultimately love and feel grateful for.

Whenever you hop on a wagon of the long train of thoughts traveling down memory lane, smile with contentment and take a humble bow with no regrets but only pure gratification… Replace any melancholy or discomfort with an awakening joy, forgiving yourself for ever having mistreated these feelings over the years or for not recognizing them enough; promise yourself that from now on you will duly honour them, feeling fond of all your memories and at their occasional recollections, wishing to each and every soul out there that has crossed your path the very very best, whilst sending out your sincere gratitude for what they have shown you and your heart.

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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