What do you intend?

what role model

Dignity or Pride? Stubbornness or Flexibility? Holding on or Letting go? Fairness or a Win-No-Matter-What?!

What do you plan on teaching the next generation? That they must gain power to progress or that love is enough to get them what and where they want? That life is predetermined or that life is what you make of it? That everything is a tough battle or that abundance and the pleasing of all your needs is a thing that can be achieved? To swim forcefully against life’s waves or to join fearlessly in their tide and simply go with the flow?

What kind of message will you send out? That life is a smooth journey to be enjoyed or that it’s an uphill road to climb with most people walking heavily or running breathless? That our thoughts create our reality, that we are the authors of our life’s script and in charge of our lives or that we are nothing but the pitiful victims of our circumstances and that some of us just get lucky?

What will be your motto? That all we need is love or that time is the ultimate healer? To talk about others, against others or for others and with others? To be understanding, and provide people the space to be or be judgmental and opportunistic at all costs? To see the devil or to look for the God in others? To care what others think or to mind your own business?

What kind of role model do you intend to be? An icon of humility or of arrogance? A heavy person who takes life’s matters very seriously or a light person who adds humour to situations and has the ability to put things in a balanced perspective, giving life a delightful twist? To be a man of honour or to be somebody ruthless? To practice long-term grace or short-term admiration? To represent truth or falsity or to be that something in between? To trust and surrender or to distrust and live in fear and insecurity?

What will be your legacy? What words will characterize you in the long run? Deep or shallow? Expressive or non-communicative? Giving or cautious? Sweet or sour? Open-minded or narrow-minded? A walking brain or a walking heart? Or a bit of both? Or perhaps a lot of both?! An individual who is clever or who is intelligent? A spirit that’s free or that’s trapped?

What type of humans do you wish to leave behind on this planet? Happy ones or sad ones? Tensed or peaceful ones? Creative unique beings or factory-like production machines? Inspirational hearts or sharp minds? Interesting and diverse candidates or basic top-grades ones? People with self-esteem or who are self-conscious? Compassionate team-workers or egocentric citizens? Persons who take pleasure in contributing to their own self-care or in offering to the general welfare or better yet, persons who take responsibility for both?

In essence, will you play a role in assisting and inspiring the butterfly to reveal its true beauty and spread its wings of potential or will you permit and encourage it to stay forever an insect in its cocoon? Remember always that the most tried-and-true way to ensure the metamorphosis and improvement of the next generation is by you being the living example of it.

And no better time that now to decipher and decide on some key issues in life; set your priorities!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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