Whisper of Today 03.03.2016

Mirror mirror 9 

Do you kiss yourself goodnight? Do you tell yourself ‘I love you!’?

Do you stop to feel just how beautiful it feels loving others or do

you typically bother with outer thoughts such as “do they know I love

them?”, “do they love me back?” Realize that in loving someone or

something it gives YOUR heart fire, warmth, beams of joy and sparkles…

so be not preoccupied with the effect it has on others or over-focused

on its mutuality or reciprocity. Instead enjoy loving others, irrespective of

their feelings for you! Surely it’s wonderful to exchange feelings of love but

remember that after all, feeling your own love for others is when your love for

them is displayed in all its magnificence and that’s when you take true care of you

and others, as it is then when your heart will smile for you and them and it is you

who will travel to beautiful paths which your love for them will take you and will invite

others – loved ones – each time you meet to join you if they’d like for a walk! Awaken

the excitement from inside of you–it is ONLY YOU who can! Search for that esoteric

feeling where you feel as blissful as can be…and then make it bigger and BIGGER! Take

no day for granted, nobody you meet in that day for a fact, for things change with

the speed of light and one day you’ll find yourself wishing that the life you paid so

little attention to would start all over again! Treasure your health and maintain it!

Search to find the unique talents in everyone and be thankful for each acquaintance!

Don’t poison yourself with worries and stress but refresh yourself with thoughts of

safety and intentions of fun and enjoyment! Treat yourself as your own BEST friend and

feel the love that you are resonating in your every experience, expanding in everything

you do, speak or ponder. Love yourself and others enough to do all that and even more!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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