Whisper of Today 24.02.2016

spotting beauty

If the truth be told, we are all suckers for some drama, are we not?

If the truth be told, when considering our future ahead, we don’t really

see our life turning out like we dream it. The first thing that pops up is a

wonder, maybe even a fear, of “how will it turn out? how will it be…?”

Our spirit may for a short while produce some carefree quality images but

sooner than later ‘reality’ strikes in, and with it doubt, and rapidly the colourful

picture-perfect image fades into a sepia-grey-tormented-and-deterred image

that we feel resentful of and hastily pack aside to the back of our minds choosing

to get on with our day. But that information gets stored in our subconscious and as the

years progress our life probably isn’t so bad but it isn’t SO great either…Why?

Because we dared to dream it but we didn’t dare to believe it.

The idea that our Monday is fantastic, our Tuesday can be hurdle-free, that our week

will run on a creative and exciting note, our months shall be splendid, our working days

ahead will run smooth, that our time with ourselves shall be peaceful and the moments

shared with our friends super-fun…that our husband or wife is just wonderful, that

our marriage will get greater with each passing year and that our future ahead will be

oh-so-rosy, all remains an idea instead of an envisioned accomplishment. Is our life really

that full of drama, difficulties, stresses, anxieties or miseries or do we self-create them

through our unshaken conviction in them? Is the road ahead so bumpy

or do we simply fail to believe that it will be so smooth?  If the truth be told,

beautiful moments happen if we don’t for a second doubt them,

if we believe we deserve them and if we stop…to look at them!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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