“TRUST”- A sacred word, often associated with others, “I trust him”
“I trust in her abilities”, less often associated with ourselves and yet
with very little conviction when so expressed…Most of the times trust
is placed in meeting our personality goals, which are at that time success-
fully met and yet we still feel inexplicably languished with a sense of emptiness.
This is because goals based on the personality are usually based on fear and
lack of trust and gratifying such goals and needs is never the higher self’s touch-
stone and of course never truly enough; you subconsciously always feel thirsty
and hungry for the energy of the soul and only when the soul’s goals are pursued,
will you existentially let go of the constant exhausting worry with which you annihilate
yourself day in day out and release the underlying fear you subject yourself to; only then
will you feel authentic empowerment as a result of the satisfaction of accomplishing your
soul’s “task”, developing, growing and ever-glowing! Ask yourself today, what is your
soul’s task? To offer? To learn? To write? To read? To surf? To mother? There is no right
or wrong in what you do as the only thing you can do ‘wrong’ is a task which is not and
never was in fact yours in the first place and is in conflict with your soul. You will know
what’s right for you when the personality feels buoyant engaging in that activity too!
Exorcise your own inner demons by becoming best friends with them and aligning them
with your own soul! See your soul’s true colours so you can be a better judge in deciding
what suits it most! Separation from your soul and the divine perfection you are can be
transformed from being the key to your daily anxiety to being the key eye-opener and
saviour of your life, making you see clearly that it is only YOU who can choose for Trust,
can chill, relax and enjoy…remembering daily that“he who is not busy being bornevery day, is busy dying ”!!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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