Whisper of Today 09.10.2015


Are there times when you feel all over the place? Times when you

are caught in the middle of being a professional, being a wife, being

a friend, being a mother and striking the right balance in all those roles

seems impossible? Know that your good intentions, your dedication to

fulfill them all to perfection is on its own a concrete indication and the

greatest proof of success in it all. The energy that comes with that very

good intention, that whole-hearted devotion and wish to perform this,

that and the other is as good as getting it done. Your boss acknowledges

your loyalty, your husband knows of your true substance, your friend has

witnessed your care, your child feels your unconditional love, as all those

things are channeled through via the pure energy of your intentions to do

and be your very best. So brush off the burden on your shoulders, let the

weight on your chest dissolve, give yourself a pat on the back for all your

willingness and forgive yourself for times when you’ve chosen for turmoil,

regrets, anxiety and a bad mood over peace, contentment, forgiveness,

patience and that huge big smile that so suits your face! You are doing

good…and you’ll do even better when you see how good you are doing!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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