Whisper of today 18.11.2013

Whisper of today  18.11.2013

All turmoil which takes place pushes you more into oneness

with yourself as it forces you to dive inwards in a desperate

search for answers or simply your own comfort zone, your

own solutions & answers, your own Truth. It is thus a great

chance for you to witness how good a relationship you have

with yourself and your entire being. Are you as caring to you

as you are to others? Giving or preaching about such caring

has no substance when you are not the living example of your

words, giving & practising self-love and love to others, almost

as if two independent yet inseparable simultaneous acts. Much

like ‘you’ & ‘life’…Don’t try so hard to control ‘life’ because of

your fears or deep sense of responsibility…Simply allow it to

unfold its events before you, whilst at the same time, don’t take

its events too seriously or personally, as it may be your life, but

it’s not YOU. YOU are always, no matter what, that beautiful

harmonious balanced nothingness that lies beneath it all…& the

Truth behind you is just Unconditional Love & pure intentions.

Love & light,

Tania Pirilidou

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