Whisper of today 07.05.2013

Whisper of today 07.05.2013

Thinking of you does not entail not considering others.

Thinking of others does not entail not considering you.

Instead it is a balancing exercise of bringing the two

into harmony; of being just as kind, considerate and

compassionate to you as to others. Building a kind,

honest and authentic relationship with yourself will

allow you to form and enjoy authentic relationships of

kindness and honesty with others. Picture your mind as

your own little beautiful private garden. Just as you take

care of it, water and clean it from old leaves, dumps and

garbage, not allowing anything thrown over its fence to

stay there and dwell, in that very same way protect and

disallow any thoughts and emotions of fear, insecurity,

dishonesty and limitation to be thrown and left to dwell

in your mind-garden, creating a distorted appearance, for

both you and others, of your perfect soul-garden…!

Love and Light,


Tania Pirilidou

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