Whisper of today 25.02.2013

Whisper of today  25.02.2013

Take a deep breath and wish yourself a good

week ahead…embrace the moment you are into

right now…being in complete gratitude for the

health, love, opportunity provided for you right

now…Clear yourself of worries, let your thoughts

be ‘showered’ with a bright golden light…simply

relax…smile… remind yourself how you ARE love…

how happiness is not something that can be found

in circumstances or in others, but it’s something

you create by awakening it from inside of you,

irrespective of what the circumstances are…or what

others feel…There is no right-doing or wrongdoing

neither for you nor in the actions of others, there

is only your perception of things. We all walk life…

tasting and grabbing from it whatever we allow

ourselves to…whatever we choose for. Choose for

peace…serenity…Choose for light and lightness of

being, choose for making things easy by not taking

life ever so seriously. In 100 years from now, no

one alive and no one you know will be on this planet

Earth. There will only be memories & pictures of them.

It is up to you to send out love to all of them, leaving

behind a happy person on a picture, a warm memory and

a special light of love and awareness meriting this universe.

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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