Whisper of today 28.01.2013

Whisper of today 28.01.2013

Life is only given to us right now and no

matter how much is materially provided

or how much money is earned in this life,

it can’t and it won’t buy life or your gratitude

for it. Life is all we ever truly can hope for but

how often do we look for ways to ‘kill time’ or

for reasons to escape our way out of it, for

opportunities to make life hard or complicated

or boring or stressful or just sad? Simplify

your thinking and that will simplify your life,

seeing clearly that there truly is no wrong or

right, only the thinking mind viewing it so…

Don’t drain your energy analysing life, trying so

hard to convince yourself which way you ‘should’

be going in each section of your life, struggling to fit

into so many roles and socially acceptable ‘modes of

being’…Spend life living life! Don’t worry about yesterday

or tomorrow, missing out on the now which is your

only certain possession together with Love which is

what you are…Out of all the places to see, travel, explore,

choose to travel inside and explore the magic of you!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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