Whisper of today 07.09.2012

Whisper of today..!       07.09.2012

Comments of others say something about them

and the way they perceive “reality” and the world.

But what is reality? What is real? Who are you?

Feeling fearful, or not knowing or keeping busy

and ‘successfully’ avoiding the question, thinking that

this way we are ‘trying’ to make the most of who ‘we are’

in this life, taking our life and its circumstances ever so

seriously, exploring others instead of us, travelling the

outside world, only serves as a delay process of discovering

that we are all there is to be…every single one of us.

There is no need to travel far away by transporting our

physical bodies from place to place…this is an antique and

limited way of travelling. You may be everywhere in spirit

in no time as you are connected to the whole universe and

all of mother earth.

Travel inside. Explore yourself, not others. Make friends with YOU!

That’s the best trip, right there. That’s your best friend, right there!

We are far greater than the conditioned mind allows us to see.

This delusion of ourselves makes us take everything our job, our

various roles, a comment of a friend or boyfriend, of a politician

of a parent ever so seriously…

but is it not just another job, another role, another comment…

that says nothing much and can affect not the beauty, love and silence

you are inside?


Love and light

Tania Pirilidou

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